Friday, February 10, 2012


So I was looking at buying a printer. I was after a laser printer because I don't use it that often and ink based printers are a little annoying when you come to use them and find that the ink has evaporated or you get streaky lines. Colour, because it just looks a lot more professional when you do print. Mulitfunction (scan, photocopy and fax) seems to only be about $70 more, so well worth it especially as I would be able to colour photocopy.
Anyway, found the Fuji Xerox Multifunction Colour Laser Printer that I wanted and then did the usual Google search for reviews to check if it was any good. Yes, the "usual" Google search! Always look up and check reviews on what you buy and where you buy from, especially when buying over the internet. Anyway, I came across this Powerbuy Printer Deal. Basically, they will give me 10% off this printer from Office Works or anywhere else, if I upload my Tax Invoice after buying it. Not only that, but if I tell them I'm going to buy it before I do, they will give me an extra $20! There are Ts & Cs involved, restrictions on the amount of purchases each year and maximum amount I can claim from them each year, fair enough. So I call them up and it turns out that they offer the extra service of searching around for my printer to find if they can source it from anywhere else for cheaper!
This seems too good to be true! Let's see how it goes... Watch this space.

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