Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Printer purchase, Fuji Xerox Colour Multifunction

Okay, so I like to put amusing pictures in with my posts. I think it keeps them light hearted and helps people to realise that I have a sense of humour. But, I think today I'll have to include an actual picture too, but only because it's specifically relevant!

I'd like to start by saying that although OfficeWorks listing of the printer suggests that this is Laser Printer, I was corrected by Harris Technology who does not state it's a Laser Printer, but instead an LED printer. I'd not heard of that, so while in the shop I'm straight onto Wikipedia to find out the difference. The only real difference that I have found in the detail is that LED printers don't have moving parts within the toners/cartridges, a big plus as far as I'm concerned.

I decided to purchase from Harris Technology as I've had nothing but good experiences with them and although Office Works was cheaper, they had given me the run around a little, not good when customer service  is concerned. Harris Technology actually undercut Office Works too, all I had to do was ask. I wasn't going to go back to Office Works and ask them to keep their price promise or 5% off.

The printer was easy to set-up for printing, but scanning was a different matter. Admittedly I've not set-up a network multifunction printer before, but still, I didn't expect to be having to create users on my PC and giving them access and bow down to the insistence they the new user for the scanner had a password. It's not what I intended.

Printing quality seems fine, nice and crisp. I hesitate to praise the print quality too much as in my research before making the purchase, I found that Laser printers are not known for their photo quality when compared to Inkjets. Photos aren't my area, but having Inkjet/Deskjet in go dry and evaporate with extended non-use and consistent printing with Laser Printers is my area, so a Laser/LED it was.


  1. Oh, I put in for my Powerbuys cash back (see previous post). Will report when it comes through!

  2. Today, I had to call Fuji Xerox support as the printer is making a grinding sound every time it takes paper in. It's 8 months old and I would say only lightly used, so not great. On the up side, with little questioning, Fuji Xerox is sending me out a new printer to replace is free of charge and it should be with me in 3 working days, so let's see...