Friday, November 16, 2012

Lifehacker Sydney Event

Attended the Lifehacker Windows Server 2012 Meetup Wrapped Up Sydney event last night and cleaned up!

To start with a nice spread including food and drinks all night.

A T-Shirt for just turning up was a great start.

The team quiz was 5 teams of 5 people/geeks. Great fun and a twist of mobile phones were allowed. The questions were quick fire, so only those with the fastest connections and best phones were able to compete!

Our team the "Deathhackers" came first to pick up these two prizes each.

And then the individual challenge...

Being sponsored by Microsoft Windows 2012 Server it had to be something related to the product itself. I believe the question went along the lines of coming up with the most innovative Power Shell command.

And for first prize I received this fine tablet keyboard.

Awesome night. Thanks to organisers and participants. All a good fun bunch of people.

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