Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Short and Sharp!

Blog posts and posts from News web sites should be Short and Sharp, like a cookie cutter!

I try to keep up with a number of blogs and news websites and it's time consuming. You really need to allocate time for it, whether that be during your commute while dining (preferably solo dining) or whenever is a convenient time for you.

Recently I've seen a few that start a post with the conclusion or summary, but in all honesty, I'm not sure these give enough of an idea of what the post is actually about. Maybe that's the point, neither a conclusion or a summary is an introduction!

Writing a lengthy post is an off put, well for me anyway! My blogging goals includes being informative for others while containing some amusement for them at the same time as I hope that acts as an enjoyable form of learning, which is the easiest form of learning.

As a result of this thought "Short and Sharp", I'm going to persevere with my nemesis... Twitter @SamiCox

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