Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Agile Stance Series Part 6.5 - The Roles of Scrum

This is part 6.5 of the series of post around Agile.

The Roles of Scrum

I've realised that I'm focusing more on the Scrum Methodology than any of the others, so thought it wise to briefly outline the different roles.
Although I'm sure as a reader you're not taking this as your only source of information, for a more complete view of what I'm trying to achieve with this series I feel it is necessary to define these roles.

The ScrumMaster ensures that Scrum Methodology is followed. They mediate decisions between the team and help each of the team and the Product Owner perform their duties by removing what have been termed as blockers and providing clarity on how Scrum works.

Product Owner
The Product Owner is the conduit to the business. They have are effectively the client and where the requirements come from and sign off on deliverables come from.
This is arguably the most difficult role as the Product Owner is potentially a spokes person for a wider audience of different and potentially opposing views with a variety of goals.

Team Member
This is as you can imagine the team that will work to provide deliverables. In a software project, this will be made up of analysts, designers, developers, testers and depending on the nature of the project, probably more.

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