Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Your bad habits make you stressed

I'm talking about the bad habit of not doing something that you should, rather than a bad habit of doing something, like eating food that is bad for you or smoking etc.
So with that in mind, read the title again and think about it for a moment!

No really, do!

"Your bad habits make you stressed".

As an every day example this could be as simple as, I don't like taking the rubbish out, so a bad habit might be that I don't take it out as often as I should. This causes me stress because of the knock on effects of having it indoors for too long.
Is this actually stress? Well, seeing the rubbish indoors brings on an emotion of "oh I must take the rubbish out" and "ffs, nobody else has taken the rubbish out" and escalates to an emotional outburst of "will one of you lazy *!#*# take the damn rubbish out"! So yes, in this instance, this equates to stress and could be combated by me performing the action of taking out the rubbish.

As a more complex example, think about the tasks you're involved with in your working life that you don't do as often as you maybe should, maybe because you don't like doing them, you don't think you're very good at doing them or tasks that are somewhere in-between. Does this sound about right? The simple answer is to get on and do these tasks and eventually you'll conquer them, but that's quite a jump from zero to a hundred.
Firstly you're going to need to identify these tasks, so make a list.
Once you have your list, go back to each list item and detail why that item needs to be done, what the benefits of doing it are and what the trigger should be for doing it.
The why and benefits should be your motivation and the trigger should be your prompt of when to do it.

We are all creatures of habit and most of us like routine of some sort or another be it big or small. We're content to be told what to do and when if we understand and agree with the reasons for doing the task and the gains of doing it (the why and benefits). What motivates us even more is if we are the one telling us to do it, as we like coming up with good ideas more than following other peoples good ideas!

The follow up to this post will be, "Other peoples bad habits make you stressed", but I will need to work out how to perform miracles (or at least put some more thought into the subject) before I can provide some substance on effectively combating that!

Right, off to put the rubbish out now!

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