Friday, February 26, 2010

First Post

Well celebrations for my first post. This is however more of a test than anything else, so don't expect too much...

Things to expect on this blog include what I've been doing, mainly adventures, the next of which is probably going to be my trip to Melbourne for the 2010 Grand Prix on the 25th March. Other things will be work related, for example one of my skills (or curses!) includes being a Lotus Domino Developer, so when I come across things that that perplex me, like Groups not accepting email addresses as usernames (it's true), I'll probably have a little rant!
Also I'm quite into (as you'll have no doubt guessed) technology and have various opinions and experiences with various bits and pieces that I will tend to share. Apologies in advance as I am quite harsh when reviewing any finished product or service, my base line is that it does what is intended for which I used to score 5/10 (5 out of 10), but since this expectation is becoming harder to meet, if something does as intended I'll be more impressed and probably score it 6/10!

I'll try and use the labels (as categories) for each post, so people can trim out the crap. This will also probably turn into a mind dumping group too, but I'll try and use the draft facility to save everyone from that! And I'll try and do a summary at the bottom of a post in case I get long-winded sometimes.

Think that's it for now as I've just cycled to Bondi (8k), jogged from there to Clovelly and back (6k ish) and cycled back and am quite hungry.

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