Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Uk Nokia 500,000 PoundsHoax

I got a text message on my Australian mobile phone last night from what appeared to be the UK Branch of Nokia, telling me that I'd won 500,000 Pounds. I was watching quite a good episode of The Mentalist will reclined in my sofa at the time, but during the add break (of which there are plenty), I took the time to read it to my flatmate, chuckle and say that if I can be bothered later I'll do a google search (good brand name plug!) on "Uk Nokia 5000,000 Pounds Hoax". It turned out that I forgot about it later that evening, probably due to large glass of JD and coke that I had, but I was tired and hit the sack.

I'm thinking that maybe I should offer my services to word spam messages. My English is far from perfect, but I think I could word something far more convincing. Firstly I would use a proper pound sign (that I can't demonstrate using my US keyboard) as it would show that the message might have come from the UK or at least say GBP as it would suggest a currency. Second I wouldn't send the message to a foreign network and although they can't know, to a phone that wasn't a Nokia! Although Nokia do great phones if you want a phone that is just a phone, but don't get me started on phones. Thirdly I wouldn't say your number has won as a phone number doesn't relate to the phone make. Fourthly I wouldn't ask for an email reply for my details as that's too random. Fifth, I would ask for replies to the same number as it was sent from. Sixth, it's ridicules to think that they need an automated message to give away so much money, do they do it that often???

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