Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What do I want out of a phone?

For years, yes years, I've been messing around trying to find a decent mobile phone that does everything that I want and does it well.

Last August I bought an HTC Hero which has uses the Android OS. It was quite good, it did what it said on the box. It was just a bit to slow to manage. Hanging up from a call could take up to 10 seconds, in fact getting any sort of response from the phone could take up to that amount of time or more. I did like that it had some hard buttons... you know, the buttons that are actually buttons rather than pressing the screen! Anyway that got stolen!

Recently, about 6 weeks ago I bought a Motorola Milestone (Droid). It's faster, but it doesn't do what it says on the box. It crashes and it's almost as though the Android OS has taken a step backwards. I'm not going to go into any more detail as there is too much...

I wanted an Android phone so I could start to develop some applications for it. Finding the time for this hasn't been successful yet, but as soon as I get though some of the other on the side projects that I'm doing, I will get round to this. It's always on my mind!

So what do I want out of a phone for me. Hard keys and lots of them, a scroll wheel BlackBerry style on the side. It's really nice to be able to navigate the phone with only one hand, this is lost with any touch screen phones. You iPhone users, how many of you regularly use both hands to type letters... nope, it's much easier to hold the iPhone in one hand and type with one finger as you can't feel your way around the keyboard, same with all dedicated touch screens.
Otherwise I just really would an intelligent address book and Gmail access so everything syncs automatically and I don't lose everything if I lose the phone. If only I had an exchange server...
I saw an Ad (I hate to say I was influenced by an Ad) for the new Omnia's. I've not looked yet, but one had a proper BlackBerry style qwerty keyboard. They are a Windows OS, but maybe, just maybe they won't be prone to crashing and slow as an old dog.

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  1. Don't think I really answered my original questions. Not in any order:

    -GPS and ability to use google maps. Nav software a plus.

    -MicroSD Card storage and 3.5 inch headphone jack. FM Radio a plus.

    -Full hard qwerty keyboard. Scroll wheel on the side a plus.

    -Ability to install/write custom apps for it.

    Those are the main ones for the moment, so come on Santa, you've got 8 and a half months...