Monday, March 15, 2010

Motorola Milestone Experiences

Received the 2.0.1 update to the Motorola Milestones Android OS on Saturday evening. It took all night to download, but I expect that it was due to all phones requesting the update at the same time.

The update itself seems good, the camera recovers from taking photos a lot quicker, it's pretty much usable now. The most noticeable and welcomed update (in my experience so far) is the large clock with date on the unlock screen. But sadly now the unlock screen times-out after 2 seconds rather than whatever you set the screen timeout to be. It's my opinion that if these sorts of things are changed, they should be configurable options and not forced changes. This particular one is probably wise as it's good for power saving, but the option to set the timeout would be nice. The other one that is nice, but forced instead of configurable is the answer method, it's just a little UI* change, but same again guys!

Not sure if the "Directions & Navigation" (Google's own) was there before. It's a Beta and only accessible through adding a shortcut to the home screen. It's also not been able to compile any directions for me yet, but that's probably due to me trying to compose routes within Australia when the phone's not been released here yet. It's a nice touch, but I would settle for an update to google maps that allows it to auto follow keeping you centered on the map as you move, obviously I'd want this to be an option that can be toggled on and off!

The phone still randomly crashes probably about once a day, but at least it does it silently, so I don't always know. It just reboots itself and doesn't request my sim PIN when doing so, suppose it minimizes the down time as I may be missing calls if I didn't notice.

I nice little bug I found earlier was that in the call logs, calls are labelled as having been made yesterday when they were made over 24hrs ago rather than before the last midnight. It doesn't really matter, just a little attention to detail thing really.

Must admit, I'm just an amateur with this phone, but as soon as a viable replacement is released, I shall be moving onto something else.

*User Interface - This refers to the look and feel of a feature rather than the actual functionality of the feature.

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