Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A nice Gmail addition

Gmail patchwork? Or just a slow trickle of features being added to Gmail as time goes by?

I like the idea of little features being added over time and that we can turn them on/off or just not use them... Well mostly, although a few are forced on us, changing the look and feel without too much Change Management!

The latest new feature that I would like to bring your attention to is that you can now label messages before sending them. This means that if you don't get a reply to the message or are looking for the
message where it would normally be filed before a reply comes, you can still find it in your filing system. Before, we would have to actively remember to go into our Sent Items and label messages there, otherwise they would not be a part of our filing system and lost in the mess of a single folder!

There are a string of other changes that I'd like to see including

  • type ahead search for labels when creating filters
  • ability to delete single messages in a thread
  • descriptions of function on hovering over them e.g. "Mute"
But more than any of these, I'd really like to see some major enhancements of the "Tasks" feature.

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