Thursday, March 8, 2012

The iPad ?nameless?

Okay, so initial wow factor is that this new iPad has better than True HD resolution, very impressive!
10 hours of battery life, a 5 Mega Pixel camera and a sparked up processor... Tech Digest details these and more including 4G and LTE support.
This new iPad certainly is big news, even for myself who is not the greatest apple products fan. What might bring me round is the more reasonable pricing model that they have with the new iPad.

I like Mobile Whack's take on the story, immediately on the name of the device, are we the iPad3, iPad HD??? No we're just "iPad". Does this mean the last in the range of iPads? What could possibly come next? Whatever the answer, just calling it iPad is going to cause some confusion and that's not going to help Apple sales. People already abbreviate when referring to the current devices. I see this as something that fraudsters are going to benefit from...

Ah and The Register caught my eye with talk around the Home Button. I really am a big fan of hard keys, they are just that bit more intuitive and require less attention to navigate a device. I think it's a shame they're not adding hard buttons, but there again, that view is probably so 90s!

As always a good all round review from Trusted Review, where I totally agree, the device should at least have an SD Card slot.

Going to be following the iPad (the new one) closely over the next few weeks.

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