Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Try to Prevent Hacking Facebook

It was brought to my attention that Facebook can be hacked and I've seen a couple of examples now. I'm not the biggest Facebook fan, but it seems that a fair few people are. So if someone was to gain access to my Facebook account, although I don't have information in there that isn't publicly available to the world anyway*, it does mean that people can pose as me and potentially influence others e.g. "please send money to my Alaska bank account because I'm in trouble, you know I'm good for it...".

What can you do about it? As we all know, having a decent password is a good idea and to be honest there are lots of general password tips that I could talk about, but with Facebook you can activate "Login Approvals".

Login Approvals will (as Google Two Step Verification) send you an SMS message with a verification code that you must enter, every time you login using an unknown device.

I assume we all have the notification by email when we login using a new device?? Well this takes it one step further.

*Well I do, because I have exchanged messages to people using the Facebook messenger, but even still this is not something to be taken lightly, because we have a wealth of information that we take for granted. What we might consider to be insignificant information about ourselves might be valuable to others or an angle for them to electronically attack us from. Be careful and take the privacy of your online personal information very seriously.

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