Saturday, March 2, 2013

A new Pro of Chrome Browser

No more searching for that one bad tab in amongst the many good tabs!

Again a different type of post, but I think this is worth shouting about.

Google Chrome Browser has a new feature coming. According to CNet the new feature that we hope to see in the next release of Google Chrome Browser will show an icon on the tab if audio or video automatically plays.

This is so useful for me personally as I work with multiple tabs open all the time and ALWAYS open links in a new tab, so that when they aren't what I'm after, I can easily just close the new tab and be presented with the previous page, Google search results maybe.
This means that I can open multiple new tabs as I go down my, for example, Google search results and let them load while I'm looking for other links, saving me time. Meaning that when one of the many tabs I've just opened starts playing something, I don't have to use the "Close All Tabs" feature and start again vetting each link carefully. God send!

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