Sunday, March 3, 2013


If you feel you're procrastinating, you could use negative motivation to help you along. Tell someone what you are procrastinating over and ask them to check up on you. Peer pressure can often be a motivator.

The opposite could also work, promise yourself a reward, defining the reward before you go any further and defining what you need to achieve in order to receive the reward.

Simple huh!

Or is it? Most of us are intelligent enough to know that if we are able to give ourselves the rewards after completing the task, then we are probably able to take it before completing the task. It's a good idea though, it might be the nudge we need to get going on the task.

But if it's not, why not? Chances are the task isn't a quick task and therefore that is why we are trying to find anything and everything else in sight to distract us from the task. Ever notice that you're tidying your desk a lot recently? Maybe the task isn't fulfilling and could be a hint at a larger problem and further procrastination.

So what now? Well, don't do the task! That's right, don't do it... yet!

Plan it out first. Divide it into stages, sections, milestones or any other individual parts with end points. After all, it's because the end point is so far away or that we don't like what is between the start at the end point that we've not started it and completed it already.

Next step is - and maybe not immediately - do the first step/stage/section/etc. Second step is - again, maybe not immediately - do the next milestone... And repeat!

As an amusing side task/note, make a log and write down what you do when you procrastinate, tidy your desk, offer someone help etc. Look how often you do these tasks and when. There may be some insight in there!

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