Monday, March 16, 2015

Agile Stance Series Part 2 - User Stories

This is part 2 of the series of post around Agile.

User Stories

Within a Scrum project, requirements are gathered for the project in the form of User Stories. A User Story is a concept for a requirement. A User Story is not meant to be a detailed document negating the need for any further communication, more so, a User Story is a talking point and placeholder for further information to be gathered.

A User Story is commonly written in the following form:
"As a {user type}, I want to be able to {action/goal}, so that {beneficiary's reason/value}".
For Example
"As a Manager, I want to be able to review actions made on a document, so that I can report  on the number of documents progressing between statuses".

This alone is not enough information to develop a requirement, but it is enough information to engage the product owner and learn more.

Each User Story will also have Acceptance Criteria associated with it, but that's another... story!

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