Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thru Utah and to Denver

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Left Las Vegas and made for the Hoover Dam. Didn't realise that it was just a short dip over the boarder to Arizona. Pretty impressive mega structure and great scenery, but not sure if it was more enjoyable than the one in South Australia, different comparisons maybe as the one in Oz had a weird voice projection thing going on.

Reached St. George early evening, didn't start driving until mid afternoon and had a good stop at the Dam so was very acceptable. Found "Twentyfive Main Cafe & Cake", great to be able to find somewhere for a snack that was wasn't unhealthy and not too expensive. Really nice place and would certainly recommend it for anyone passing by this small town.

Long drive to Grand Junction, but worth it as it's a great atmosphere and fair few things to do and see. I wish I had stayed longer. Stayed in the Historical Hotel Melrose, a hostel rather than a hotel, still did the job nicely. Town was pretty lively and very friendly, not too many restaurants that I found, but plenty of bars where you could eat.

The drive to Denver was long and through some pretty severe snow storm conditions, crazy ice trucks speeding along while scraping the snow from the road, throwing it to the sides at near 60 MPH I would guess.

Denver is big, I'll give it that. The city itself I found to be quite quiet, although it was a Monday afternoon, but I was recommended to go to the 16th Street Mall where it was a pedestrian shopping arcade.

So a day outside Denver, up to Fort Lupton, Fort Morgan and over to Greeley. Cool wildlife park, but that's about it. I think my last words would be come to Denver if you like the snow, it's not cold if you stay out the mountains, but the ski is probably the best bit.


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