Friday, May 4, 2012

the HTC One reviews out there...

I'd say this is a pretty bad review for the HTC One from CNet and this is a pretty good review from T3, so choose carefully which you read depending on if you have already made up your mind as to whether you want the phone or not!

Personally I'm a big HTC and Android fan, but with no SD Card slot and a battery that can't be removed, it sounds a bit too iPhoney to me.
I don't think we are quite at the stage where battery life is good enough to force people to recharge at set times and I'd much rather carry a spare slim battery around with me than a power cable and then have to sit by a plug socket for an hour or so.

I am however interested in the lack of SD Card slot and how it's thought that this can be made up with cloud storage. But again for me, I would like to be able to backup my ROM onto the SD Card and move it between phones if I have to (yes, I have two of the same model, different frequency's).

Saying that, and these are sad words I know... I think even with the greatest ROM in the world on my HTC Desire, it might be starting to age a little and so I am starting, to maybe think, that possibly, I might just, entertain the thought of a new phone... So expect related dialogue!

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