Monday, May 14, 2012

A spark from Internet Explorer?

Well this from Lifehacker is the most positive thing I've read on Internet Explorer in a while. Still not held in the best of lights, but the few negative references to Chrome and Firefox has got me thinking of giving Opera a go. I must admit I was using Opera while travelling through the US and was pleasently surprised most of the time, with a few exception which I'm sure could be rectified if I took more than 30 seconds going through the settings and possibly add-ons...

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  1. IE 9 is very vanilla. I use it on the desk at work, because I have no choice. Usable, and a vast improvement on the previous offerings, but it doesn't make me want to switch.

    I've used Opera for over a decade now. Possibly 15 years. I'm evidently pretty happy with it - fast, secure, stable and very customisable. I'm even using it for email these days, which I never thought I'd be doing.

    Of course, for many people, the lack of plugins/addons means that if one thing's missing, they go back to Firefox (or Chrome these days).

    Still, if you have any questions, feel free to throw them at me. :-)