Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Computer Smarts - My Must Have Software

Just doing a little personal inventory of software gadgets I run on my PC and must have applications, including what I use them for and of course a link to their download pages...

You may want to follow this for other peoples suggestions and updates I make!

Software Gadgets
Peek Through - Makes current application transparent using a hotkey.
4t Tray Minimiser - Pin application windows to be on top and roll up application.
WizMouse - Scroll the screen the mouse is over rather than the currently active screen.

PhraseExpress - I actually only use this for spelling auto correction, if there is a phrase that I reuse, I use ditto. Not a big fan of PhaseExpress, I think I'm missing something with it.
Ditto - Clipboard Manager. This is my number 1, I CAN NOT live without this...
CatchChar (trialling) - Inserts Special Characters LIKE GBP £!!! (That is not available on US keyboards)!

Must have Applications

Google Chrome - Primary Browser
Firefox - Secondary Browser
DropBox - Sync a folder with the Cloud.
InSync - Sync Folder with Google Apps/Docs.
Thunderbird - Use it to Sync with Gmail, effectively backing up all email.
Pixie - Colour Checker.
Paint.net - A decent and free paint package.
Beyond Compare - A well layed out Comparison Tool
Notepad++ - Better than NotePad.
Primo PDF - Print anything to a PDF file.

Chrome Extensions
The Great Suspender - Removes open tabs from memory while keeping the tab open still.
Google Mail Checker - A count of all unread Gmail (nice if you get your Gmail tab to show unread priority emails only).
Rapportive - Information from various sources about your email participants.
I would like "Right Inbox for Gmail", but it stopped working and there were a lot of popup prompts to sign up to the paid version, so that's disabled.


  1. Just installed "One Tab" (http://www.one-tab.com/) too. Moves all your open (and only unpinned) tabs to a single tab where you can restore them individually or all of them. Going to be playing with this over the next week or so.

    1. One Tab didn't really work for me. I can see the use and benefit, but I just didn't use it. I think it's a case of out of sight, out of mind. So I don't want those tabs out of sight!

  2. Just installed MaxMax http://www.kmtools.win-os.pl/omaxmax.php?lang=ang. It will limit the size of maximised windows, so if you always want a program to be visible, you can set MaxMax to leave a certain number of pixels untouched and therefore useable for your other program. I've got a task list that I always want visible, so have given it 280px on the right side of my screen.

  3. My apps have stayed the same over the last year, expect for the addition of Team Viewer, but that's not really for my benefit... ;-) Remote Control app, useful for helping other, supporting and showing them how to use their PC AND Viber Desktop http://www.viber.com/dl, which does what it says on the tin!

    As for Chrome extensions, there have been quite a few changes over the last year, mainly with security, which has lead me to use
    - Extension Defender - https://www.extensiondefender.com/ for protection against malware.
    - Imagus - http://tiny.cc/Imagus which expands image thumbnails just by hovering over them.
    - mxHero for Chrome - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mxhero-for-chrome/ijhapcklhkanndjbdnhichfmolhiaekg which replaced "Right Inbox for Gmail".
    - Notes for GMail - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/notes-for-gmail/mhjceedeiokhkokngbljcgkbfcpnodag which allows you to store notes on individual gmail messages, the entire gmail message thread or on your gmail inbox.
    - MightyText - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sms-from-gmail-facebook-m/iffdacemhfpnchinokehhnppllonacfj which allows me to send and receive SMS messages from my PC once linked with my Android.